Positive living

About Us

Vision: No new HIV infections and a better quality of life for youth infected and affected by HIV.

Mission: We exist to promote better quality of life for youth infected and affected by HIV through provision of prevention and support services

Centre for Youth of Hope (CEYOHO) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that was formed in 2001 by young PLWHA and formally registered as a society in February 2002. Its primary target group is young people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

CEYOHO provides care and support to young people living with HIV/AIDS and educates others on prevention and how to live positively with HIV/AIDS. CEYOHO supports the development of income generating activities by young people as a strategy to mitigate the socio-economic impacts of HIV/AIDS. The organisation is engaged in community mobilisation and awareness creation to promote community participation and involvement in ARV, CHBC, PMTCT, TB/IPT and VCT programmes.

CEYOHO addresses three core challenges:

1) Health Education and Support for young people.
CEYOHO facilitates the formation of youth clubs within the community with particular emphasis on prevention as well as providing support for youth living with HIV/AIDS and strengthening their ability to live positively with HIV/AIDS. This involves life skills education, which gives young people the tools they need to make positive decisions and live healthy lives.

2) Behaviour Change among young people.
The level of HIV/AIDS awareness in Botswana is estimated at over 90%. However, this awareness has not translated into the desired behaviour change. Young people continue to engage in risky behaviours that increase their vulnerability to HIV, STIs, and teenage pregnancy.

3) Stigma reduction among young people, especially those living with HIV/AIDS.
Stigma has sustained the culture of silence among youth who are HIV positive and hence supported the silent spread of the epidemic among young people. Stigma has also instilled fear of rejection, isolation, and discrimination and has greatly affected the accessibility and utilization of HIV/AIDS related services through programmes such as ARV, PMTCT, IPT, CHBC, and in particular, Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT).

CEYOHO embraces the national aspirations of Vision 2016 – ‘No new infection.’


– Network and empower HIV positive young people to become key players in HIV prevention and support

– Support the ARV programme to ensure sustainability.

– Develop well-being packages for HIV-positive and negative young people with focus on prevention.

– Promote meaningful involvement of most-at-risk populations and vulnerable groups in HIV prevention, treatment, care and support.

Young people in Botswana, especially young women, face many challenges in their sexual and reproductive health such as risk of violence, HIV and AIDS and widespread alcohol and substance abuse.  CEYOHO’s adolescent-based activities provide young people with sexual health information, life skills, and services to meet their sexual and reproductive health needs.

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